LED Soccer Arena Light

LED Soccer Arena Light

LED soccer arena light. Brightest LED lights in the world. Premium Precise Optical Lighting System, 95% high efficiency. IP66 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Environmental proctection, no UV/Hg and harmful substance

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LED Soccer Arena Light


led soccer arena light specifications

We have a variety of LED lighting to suitable for different arenas' requirement, as the size, the height,the type and style, the grass, the experience of players and audience etc.

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LED soccer lights, whether flood lights or high bays, are a cost-effective way to achieve optimal lighting while lowering your utility and maintenance costs over time. Since the lights are on whenever the soccer field is open, it makes sense to use bulbs that last a long time. LED lighting is a low wattage solution that provides superior illumination and a cost effective way to lower your utility costs.

Soccer fields vary in size; from high school, to college, to recreational and stadium-seating, all soccer fields require uniform illuminance from lights that don’t create glare or hot spots on the turf. Also, even though soccer is played at ground level, the ball may be kicked high up in the air many times throughout the game. Make sure you have the best LED soccer lighting to capture every play!

Glare is bad and can affect the enjoyment of the game. Minimize glare for the soccer players and the fans by aiming the lights so they are out of the line of sight of the players and the spectators. 

Our Product For Gym Lighting Solution


LED tennis court light Advantages:

a). High pure aluminum reflector and hot release system;

b). High power LED lighting, high effection imported constant current;

C). We passed ISO, and with strict quality control group;

D). Long warranty: 3 years;

E). Energy saving;

F). Highest power led lighting in the led industry;

G). Lighting efficiency: up to 170 lm/w.

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