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LED Swimming Pool Lights

LED Swimming Pool Lights

High power LED Swimming Pool Lights.

80-2000W LED flood light for swimming pool.

IP67 waterproof Red, green, blue and white color available.

Made of stainless steel bracket and pure aluminium housing, suits all types of pool installations.

Over 80% energy saving, 100,000hrs lifespan

    80-2000W LED flood light for swimming pool
    IP67 waterproof
    Red, green, blue and white color available
    Made of stainless steel bracket and pure aluminium housing, suits all types of pool installations
    Over 80% energy saving, 100,000hrs lifespan

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    MN Power

    Beam Angle



    OAK-FL-100W-Smart 100 318x255x70 170lm/w

    15, 25, 40,
    60, 90, 120



    OAK-FL-150W-Smart 150 318x320x70
    OAK-FL-200W-Smart 200 418x320x70
    OAK-FL-300W-Smart 300 468x436x70
    OAK-FL-400W-Smart 400 568x436x70
    OAK-FL-500W-Smart 500 568x501x70
    OAK-FL-600W-Smart 600 568x566x70
    OAK-FL-720W-Smart 720 668x566x70
    OAK-FL-800W-Smart 800 668x631x70
    OAK-FL-1000W-Smart 1000 718x696x70


    LED swimming pool lights above ground

    Safety and robustness are key when illuminating indoor and outdoor swimming pools, whether they are used for recreational or competitive sports.

    Excellent visibility ensures the safety of swimmers and pool attendants while a well-designed, high quality and high performance LED swimming pool lights can guarantee a long lifespan for a good return on investment.
    * Complying with related lighting standards and requirements, OAK LED swimming pool waterproof lights with USA original Cree COB chips can provide high illumination to ensure safety for swimmers and enable lifeguards to spot and help people in difficulty in the water.
    * Precise optical lighting system and anti-glare lighting design system can prevent glare caused by reflected light from the water surface, and help swimmers especially in competitions easily recognise the finish and lane markings. What’s more important, it can help fellow swimmers and judges can fully observe movements.
    * Adopting high IP levels and robust materials to provide a long lifetime, as well as resist chlorinated and humid environment.
    * 5-10 times brighter than conventional LED lamps. 300W OAK LED floodlight can directly replace 1000W-1500W MH/Halogen lamps, which is the best choice for traditional swimming pool light replacement. Reducing operating costs due to its low energy consumption and low maintenance needs.

    LED swimming pool lights installation

    In swimming pool lights installation, only a reasonable choice of the position of the lights can improve the quality of swimming lighting.
    For large swimming pools, it is more complicated to calculate the aiming point with a computer, and most of them are determined according to the light distribution curve.
    Each swimming pool waterproof light can only point to its target correctly, so that the entire lighting system can provide sufficient and uniform horizontal and vertical illuminance in accordance with the planned plan, while avoiding glare.
    Indirect lighting is a more suitable lighting method for swimming pool lighting. The luminaire does not directly illuminate the swimming pool, but light up the pool by reflecting light.
    This lighting method requires the top of the stadium to be of high reflectivity material, and the height of the top should not be lower than 10 meters.
    The installation height of the lights should be higher than the normal sight of athletes and spectators to control the direct glare of the lights.


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