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LED Wall Washing Light

LED Wall Washing Light

70W LED wall washing light.

Product Introduction: LED linear light Wall washing, long distance wide beam angle, various color displayed, bringing new visual experience.

Unique design, simple and chic, ingenious combination of modern architecture and lamps, worthwhile to appreciate.

    Product Introduction

    LED linear light Wall washing,long distance wide beam angle,various color displayed,bringing new visual experience.
    Unique design,simple and chic,ingenious combination of modern architecture and lamps , worthwhile to


    Suitable for factory, gymnasium, pier, billboards, buildings, flyover, shopping malls, hotels,
    highway guardrail, airports, subways, elevated overpass, urban landscape lighting projects

    Product Features

    Constant voltage constant current driver, stable rectification, instant start, high efficiency, safe and reliable.
    Lamp shell best integrated cooling function, generous appearance design with PC cover.
    Surface treatment: electrostatic spray high temperature resistance, weather resistance, rich colors.
    Lamp body, die-casting aluminum, black silver brown red color can be customized, compact structure,
    solid corrosion-resistant.
    Reliable silicone seal, no fading, leakproof, waterproof and dust proof.
    Colorful light emission, with red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors available



    1. Product working voltage: AC200-305V, do not exceed the operating voltage range.
    2. Since the lamp cover with PC accessories, please handle with care in handling, storage.

    Installation Instructions

    1.Products installed in the bracket on the buckle, the mounting hole can be directly screwed to the mounting rod or mounting surface.
    2. Working environment temperature: -20 to 40 degree
    3. When installing the lamps, make sure wiring place seal well to prevent leakage of electricity
    4. When connecting the power cord,corresponding waterproof and leaky measures must be taken
    5. The lamp should not violate any fireproof regulations when used
    6. Please find a professional electrician, three core cable connection modes: red wire is live wire,blue wire is neutral wire,yellow-green wire is ground wire, change of color need to be converted by controller.

    Maintenance instructions

    1. Please ensure that the power is off before maintenance
    2. Clean the housing PC cover regularly to maintain good light transmittance
    3. Be careful not to use water or a highly corrosive solution for cleaning, best to use a dry rag

    Warranty & after-sales service

    Two years warranty. Under normal operating conditions, quality assurance is based on the correct
    preservation, installation, use and maintenance of the product;Due to improper installation and installation, product damage is not within the scope of this warranty;During the warranty period, the company will choose to repair, replace (parts) or replace the new products and other methods to solve the quality problems.

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