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LED Sport Lights

LED Sport Lights

400-1200W LED Sport Lights.

Using high quality Bridgelux 5050 SMD chips, high lumen efficiency up to 235lm/w.

Meanwell driver providing superior performance, separate driver box design, better for heat dissipation and maintenance.

PC lens with optional beam angle 20°,25°,45°,60° to meet different lighting requirements.

    ● OAK LED sport lights use high quality Bridgelux 5050 SMD chips, high lumen efficiency up to 235lm/w

    ● Meanwell driver providing superior performance, separate driver box design, better for heat dissipation and maintenance

    ● PC lens with optional beam angle 20°, 25°, 45°, 60° to meet different lighting requirements & reach more uniform light distribution

    ● Die-cast aluminum material, professional cooling system adopted to reduce light decay

    ● Effective thermal management, long lifespan >80,000 Hrs

    ● Waterproof IP65 protection & 5 years warranty


    MN Power
    Input Voltage Efficiency

    Beam Angle



    OAK-SPL-400W 400

    100-305V AC

    249-528V AC





    OAK-SPL-600W 600
    OAK-SPL-1000W 1000
    OAK-SPL-1200W 1200



    Product Name LED Sport Lights
    Model No. OAK-SPL-400W/600W/1000W/1200W
    Power 400W/600W/1000W/1200W
    LED Source Bridgelux 5050 SMD chips
    Driver Brand Meanwell
    Luminous Efficiency 170lm/w
    Working Voltage 100V-305V AC
    Beam Angle 20°, 25°, 45°, 60°
    Color Temperature 1700K-10,000K
    Color Rendering Index CRI>70/80
    THD <20% (Typical: 10%)
    Working Environement -30℃~+50℃, 10%~90% RH
    Housing Material Die-casting aluminum

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    OAK LED Sport Lamp Project References 

    product description (3)24t

    Advantage of Using OAK LED Sport Lights:

    OAK LED Sport lamp with high color rendering, high luminous efficiency and no strobe can perfectly meet the requirements of television broadcasting.

    1.OAK LED sport court lighting system has the function of instant on, i.e. no waiting to reach full brightness, while metal halide lamps need to wait 15-30 minutes to reach full brightness.

    In the meanwhile, OAK LED sport lights have the function of eliminating strobe, the television broadcast can be played at 20,000 frames per second without flicker, so that viewers can capture every second of the replay in detail. This is particularly evident during slow motion replays. Besides, OAK LED sports lights are able to achieve a balance between warm and cool colors, so images appear brighter and clearer on the TV. There is little to no glare or spill light, so that the action picture is clear and unobstructed.

    For large stadiums, sports are high-speed moving items, athletes need to make accurate judgments on the high-speed ball, so it is particular important to have enough brightness, true colour reproduction. And in order to ensure that the broadcast of the picture is clear, the sport lamps must provide high CRI, no strobe and high illumination when television broadcasting.

    2.OAK LED Sport Lights can enhance the experience of spectators in the games.

    With the professional LED sport court lighting system, the audience has a better sense of experience, which not only improves the viewing of the game, but also enhances the participation of the audience.

    3. OAK LED Sport Lamps with anti-glare lighting design system can make the precise light distribution.

    Our LED sports lights has excellent anti-glare control, and with rich, precise and high utilisation of light distribution.

    4. OAK LED Sport Lamps with significant energy savings.

    With the progress of lighting technology, LED sports lighting energy-saving effect is outstanding, compared with the traditional metal halide lamp energy-saving more than 70%; and LED sports lighting service life of up to 80,000 hours or more, is several times the metal halide lamp, can do five years warranty maintenance, relative to the metal halide lamp to save a large amount of maintenance costs.


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