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LED RGB Flood Lights

LED RGB Flood Lights

RGB three chips (colors) in one package / RGBW available.

Independent control of each color. Beam angle 15,25,40,60 optional.

Buit-in DMX 512 dimming.

IP66 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

DALI, DMX, PWM, Zigbee dimming available. 5 years warranty.

    RGB three chips (colors) in one package / RGBW available
    Independent control of each color
    Beam angle 15,25,40,60 optional
    Buit-in DMX 512 dimming
    Premium Precise Optical Lighting System, 95% high efficiency
    IP66 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    High tech thermal system, provide the best lighting environment, extend lifespan
    Lifetime more than 100,000h
    DALI, DMX, PWM, Zigbee dimming available
    5 years warranty


    MN Power

    Beam Angle

    Input voltage


    OAK-RGB-120W 120 318x255x70

    15, 25, 40,

    100-305V AC


    OAK-RGB-160W 160 318x320x70
    OAK-RGB-200W 200 418x320x70
    OAK-RGB-240W 240 402*377*132
    OAK-RGB-320W 320 502*377*132
    OAK-RGB-400W 400 602*377*132
    OAK-RGB-480W 480 702*377*132
    OAK-RGB-720W 720 702*497*132
    OAK-RGB-960W 960 702x617x132

    Project References


    OAK LED outdoor RGB flood lights can produce all kinds of colors with high uniformity.
    It can be dimmed steadily by intelligent dimming system, such as Dali, DMX, zigbee dimming system.
    Automatic color changing also available.


    Application of RGB LED Flood Lights:

    Our color changing outdoor flood lights normally used for landscape lighting decoration, sports lighting decoration and photography lighting.
    When our RGB flood lights used in landscape lighting, it can make plants and buildings look brighter and more magnificent, and play a strong decorative role.
    When it used in photography, it can adjust the surrounding tones very well to get the desired photo effect.
    When used in sports lighting, it is generally used to adjust the atmosphere before and after the game and activate the atmosphere of the audience.

    Voltage of color changing led flood lights:

    Because of different voltages in countries, we pay attention to the corresponding voltage when selecting the power supply. Normally the voltage range is 90-305V AC.

    Working temperature:

    Because RGB LED flood lights are often used for outdoors, this parameter is more important. The temperature requirements are relatively high. OAK LED outdoor RGB flood lights are made of aluminum casing with better heat dissipation, so this general can work in -40 ℃ + 60 ℃.

    IP Rating:

    This is also an important index that affects the quality of color changing outdoor flood lights. Our lights are IP67 waterproof, and also have high pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high flame resistance.


    Due to the difference of the building shape and lighting design, the way of installing will be different. The RGB flood lights can be installed upside down or installed on the side after the lamp is erected according to the lighting needs. The accessories for fixing can also be customized to the appropriate size according to your needs.

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