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LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lights

OAK LED High Bay Lights. LED chips: CREE COB original, high efficiency with 170lm/w, Meanwell driver adopted. L ifespan over 100,000 hours. Beam angle: 15/25/40/60/90/120°.5 years Warranty. IP67 waterproof. Anti-corrosion, great heat dissipation.

    LED High Bay Light

    LED chip: CREE COB original, high efficiency 170lm/w
    Meanwell driver: PF>0.95, Lifespan over 100,000 hours
    Beam angle: 15/25/40/60/90/120°
    Material: Pure Aluminum
    Warranty: 5 years
    IP67 waterproof, anti-corrosion, great heat dissipation

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    MN Power

    Beam Angle



    OAK-HBL90 90 213x235x171.5 170lm/w

    15, 25, 40,
    60, 90, 120



    OAK-HBL120 120 213x300x171.5
    OAK-HBL150 150 263x300x171.5
    OAK-HBL200 200 313x300x171.5
    OAK-HBL240 240 363x300x171.5
    OAK-HBL300 300 363x365x171.5
    OAK-HBL360 360 363x430x171.5
    OAK-HBL480 480 413x430x171.5
    OAK-HBL800 800 478x630x171.5

    OAK LED high bay lights are mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel plants, shipyards, aircraft manufacturers, large machinery manufacturers, hardware workshops, warehouses and and other places that require high space lighting.
    In different working environments have different requirements, the reflector of OAK LED high bay fixtures should be able to produce various widths of light distribution to meet different production operations and the requirements of lighting installation conditions.
    OAK LED has special structural design, housing and reflector to make sure our high bay lights work reliably for a long period of time in places with poor environmental conditions such as dust and humidity.

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    How to choose high bay lights

    First, choose it according to actual needs.
    For industries like coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it is necessary to consider whether the lighting demand can meet the requirements, but also the factors such as dust-prevention and waterproof, and even need to consider the explosion-proof requirements.

    If we purchase general cheap mining lamps, they are not required for energy saving and have no safety guarantee and we need to consider whether the commercial high bay lights meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed the CE certification and other factors.

    Second, we should consider the comprehensive cost performance.
    The LED high bay fixtures that has passed the quality system certification, will be strictly enforced in the production and material selection due to the national standards so the price may be higher than the other lights.
    However it will save the cost of secondary purchase, repair and replacement of the lights. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.

    Third, focus on the appropriate power, illumination and color temperature.
    The power of LED high bay light should be selected according to the actual lighting area.
    In addition, the illumination and color temperature of the lamps are also very significant.
    The production line requires high resolution. For example, the textile industry needs high-resolution lamps.


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