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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

Brightest LED Flood lights in the world. USA original Cree COB chips & in-built Meanwell drivers. Optical PC lens and leds 100% match to make the light more focused, reducing light loss. IP66 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    LED Flood Lights


    ● USA original Cree COB chips & in-built Meanwell drivers.
    ● Precise optical lighting system & Anti-glare lighting design system, 95% high efficiency.
    ● Optical PC lens and leds 100% match to make the light more focused, reducing light loss.
    ● Special thermal system to increase heat dissipation and extend lifespan.
    ● Low flicker rate <0.2%, suitable for different kinds of HDTV broadcasting.
    ● 5-10 times brighter than conventional LED lamps, 500W OAK LED can directly 1000W-1500W MH/Halogen lamps.

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    MN Power

    Beam Angle



    OAK-FL-100W-Smart 100 318x255x70 170lm/w

    15, 25, 40,
    60, 90, 120



    OAK-FL-150W-Smart 150 318x320x70
    OAK-FL-200W-Smart 200 418x320x70
    OAK-FL-300W-Smart 300 468x436x70
    OAK-FL-400W-Smart 400 568x436x70
    OAK-FL-500W-Smart 500 568x501x70
    OAK-FL-600W-Smart 600 568x566x70
    OAK-FL-720W-Smart 720 668x566x70
    OAK-FL-800W-Smart 800 668x631x70
    OAK-FL-1000W-Smart 1000 718x696x70

    Project References

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    Advantages of LED Lights

    1. Energy saving:
    LEDs is a surface light source, which used a professional optical lens to photoelectric transmission to reach high light utilization rate.
    So a small power can replace the traditional high-power lighting.
    Comprated with incandescent lamps, energy saving of LEDs is about 75%-85%.
    E.g.: 100W LED flood light luminous flux is about equal to 500W-600W incandescent lamp luminous flux.

    2. Green environmental protection:
    Using solid mercury agent, even if broken, will not pollute the environment. The recovery rate is more than 99%.
    And LEDs is without ultraviolet and infrared light, so no radiation, but soft light effect.
    So it is a true environmentally friendly green light source.

    3. Long lifespan:
    LED lighting is a solid light source, epoxy resin and silicone encapsulation closed, and the luminous body part is not easy to loosen.
    So there is no filament easy to burn, thermal deposition, high light decay and other shortcomings.
    The service life can reach more than 100,000 hours while the service life of traditional incandescent lamps about 1000 hours, the energy-saving lamps (CFL) life of about 8000 hours.

    4. No strobe:
    Due to its high operating frequency, it is considered "no strobe effect at all", which will not cause eye fatigue and protect eye health.

    5. Good color rendering:
    Color rendering index of LEDs is more than 80, soft light, showing the natural color of the illuminated object.


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