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LED Third Quarter Results Of Listed Companies Discovered 'quadruple Down'

Edit:OAK LED Co. Limited   Date:Feb 09, 2017

 As of October 15, LED stadium lights third quarter results of listed companies is continuing to publish the notice, which is expected to achieve positive growth performance accounted for Liu Cheng, still into the mainstream. Since the first three quarters performance of listed companies tend to give full-year operating results set the tone, so the market and industry high degree of concern. backpfrontp today, LED stadium lighting listed company's third quarter results notice discovered fourfold drop. Dry according to optical, Abby, Ruifeng power, back to the days of new materials four companies attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit both fell compared with the previous year. backpfrontp dry according to optical (300 102), the first three quarters of 2015 net profit fell 40% over the previous year - 60%. backpbackpfrontp 2015 year decline in the third quarter on a year over year net profit 55% \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; 85% backpbackpfrontp decline in net profit attributable compared with the same period last year mainly due to the shareholders of the listed company: the report period, the company the impact of product prices fell, resulting in net profit fell; The reporting period, LED chip project a substantial increase in depreciation expenses and fixed costs during the expansion, and increased investment in research and development projects, blue and green LED gym lights, resulting in net profit fell ;During the reporting period, the bank deposit and financial income up sharply reduced; while bank loans and finance lease interest expense increased significantly year on year. backpfrontp Abby (300,389), the first three quarters of 2015 net profit fell 22% \u0026 mdash over the previous year; \u0026 mdash; 27%. backpbackpfrontp 2015 third quarter net profit fell 13% over the previous year - to shareholders of listed companies net profit compared with last year fell 18% backpbackpfrontp ownership of the main reasons: backpfrontp 1, the reporting period, the company optimistic about overseas high power LED flood light display industry development opportunities, and further efforts to increase the industrial layout, increased costs to develop domestic and overseas markets, a number of new overseas companies; at the same time, the company added new products such as small spacing R \u0026 D investment,1000W LED flood light resulting in increased costs;The company is currently in strategic upgrade cycle, hotel operators scene in the early strategic layout stage project, the company accelerated the pace to seize market hotel business, resulting in increased short-term costs; the pre-shift manufacturing operations to bring operating costs in Huizhou phased increase ; the provision of restricted stock incentive costs 13.95 million, and the public welfare donations resulting company reported lower profits.2015 in the first three quarters of the amount of non-recurring gains and losses net impact on the amount of about 5.9943 million yuan, including the company's financial products revenue and government income subsidies.  Ruifeng power (300 241), the first three quarters of 2015 over the previous year net profit fell 40% \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; 20%.attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit compared with last year mainly due to the decline: LED tunnel light by the impact of market competition, product sales gross profit margin decline. backpfrontp 2, the reporting period, non-recurring items is estimated to be 6.6749 million yuan, mainly for government subsidy income. Back to the days of new material (300041), the first three quarters of 2015 net profit fell 15% \u0026 mdash over the previous year; \u0026 mdash; 25%. net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies compared with last year mainly due to the decline:part of the traditional product market competition, in order to consolidate market share, sales of mature products at higher prices,led arena lights, some of the new products and upgrades to improve the amount realized the production process, resulting in a relatively low upfront cost sharing margin; reducing operating income during the reporting period, loans increased to bring interest payments amplification of profitability also have some impact. backp