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Capital Dynamics | LED Expensive Ring Not Corpuscles! Mason Technologies Acquisition Play Strategic Reorganization Purple Line

- Jun 26, 2017 -

 【frontp [text / Engineering LED Huang Yaping] Mason Technologies 740 million yuan acquisition of two companies backpfrontp suspended after four months of planning, Mason Technologies has finally come up with a restructuring plan, it plans to offer about 7.4 million acquisition of two companies, thereby entering the field of Internet advertising and marketing. backpfrontp October 3, Mason Technologies (002654) announcement, intended to pay for the shares and the issuance of cash,LED stadium lights were acquired Soviet heyday Yixuan 100% stake and Liao Jintian, Fang Min, Ma Ruifeng 100% equity interest held by hundreds of millions of wireless . backpfrontp Meanwhile, Mason Technologies also plans to no less than 35.91 yuan per share, non-public offering of not more than 1239.2091 million shares, 445 million yuan to raise matching funds for the payment of cash to the transaction price, transaction taxes and agency costs. backpfrontp Mason Technologies, said the company in recent years sought to advertising media field LED stadium lighting products associated with the extension of the development. The company was completed in June 2015 on the acquisition of the Japanese photovoltaic, LED advertising signs into the lighting field, established advertising media to the downstream industry development direction of industrial extension. The acquisition is intended to Xuan heyday, millions of wireless two Internet advertising and marketing company, is an important layout Mason Technologies in advertising media industry, not only the listed company itself can be further enhanced marketing capabilities, is the company's strong diversification breakthrough. High power led flood light It is worth mentioning that, Mason Technologies in the day also issued a bulletin investment, 21.43% of the shares invested 30 million yuan to invest BOTU advertising, after the transaction is completed, Mason Technologies will hold BOTU advertising intended. backpfrontp Tongfang 7 billion yuan transfer Tongfang Guoxin equity backpfrontp November 2 evening, shares the same side announced that the proposed price of 31.75 yuan / share transfer its holdings Tongfang Guoxin (002,049) 36.39% stake to Unisplendour Group subsidiary a wholly owned subsidiary of violet Chunhua, transaction total 7.01 billion yuan. Upon completion of the transfer, the Company's shareholding percentage Tongfang Guoxin fell from 41.38% 4.99%, with Fang Guoxin no longer be included in the consolidation scope. 1000W led flood light Meanwhile, Tongfang and Tsinghua Holdings signed a 'share transfer agreement of intent,' the proposed transferee Tsinghua Holdings held by Habitat clear control of not less than 80% of the shares and holders of Shenzhen Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. 40% Thai equity. backpfrontp data show that the transfer of shares in the target company Tongfang core countries is one of the leading IC design companies, including smart cards and secure terminal integrated circuit chip business and special services, etc., by the same party and the country's microelectronics microelectronics two core child Companies bear. backpfrontp and purple Group back in the early days on the establishment of the integrated circuit chip and science communications real estate and other major business segments, LED tennis court lights with the side in line with the country's main business core Unisplendour Group's main business development strategy. backpfrontp Tongfang said, according to the unified deployment of Tsinghua industrial development, Tsinghua Unisplendour Group Holding intends to build a world-class field of integrated circuit enterprise group, and proceed to the IC industry operating assets for strategic restructuring and business adjustments. backpfrontp Thus, companies with the overall deployment of Tsinghua industrial restructuring and reform, with 36.39% of the shares held by the Company intends square Guoxin Unisplendour Group sold to a wholly owned subsidiary purple Chunhua. 7.012 billion yuan the company received cash proceeds will be mainly used for industry mergers and acquisitions and primary industry. LED high bay lights BDO Runda the first three quarters net loss after deduction of non backpfrontp over ninety million yuan October 2 evening, BDO Runda (002005) released its third-quarter report. The report shows that the third quarter the company achieved operating income of 1.297 billion yuan, an increase of 7.70% over the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 46.363 million yuan, an increase of 23.16% over the previous year. January 2015 \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; to achieve operating income of 3.351 billion yuan in September, an increase of 6.74% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 61.2501 million yuan,LED gym lights 13.06% decrease over the previous year. backpfrontp The most noteworthy is that the first three quarters of BDO Runda after deduction of non net loss amounted to 90.0817 million yuan. The main reason appears backpfrontp small changes in performance of the company's appliance business operations increased compared to last year, performance was better than expected. backpfrontp report shows the company due to planning a major asset and equity acquisition, the company's stock since the suspension began August 26, 2015. Given the substantial acquisition are still uncertainties, the company stock is still in the suspended state. backpfrontp distance optical major issues suspend progress backpfrontp November 3, remote photovoltaic (300,306) announcement that the company intends to planning major events, according to regulations, the company's stock has been since opening in 2015 Afternoon suspension After resumption of trading until the company disclosed related matters. backpfrontp Dongshan Precision major issues suspend progress backpfrontp November 3, Dongshan Precision (002,384) announcement that the company intends to planning major events, the company's stock has been opening from the suspension July 3, 2015. LED high bay lights Currently, the company is to promote the non-public offering of stock issues work. As of this announcement, the sponsor and other agencies are promoting the second round of due diligence preparatory work. Given there are still uncertainties related matters, to avoid abnormal stock price volatility and safeguard the interests of investors, the company applies the company's shares remain suspended since November 3, 2015 opening. backp

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