The new 'Automotive Lighting Lamp beads GD2' sail---OAK LED flood light

- Sep 27, 2016 -

  Text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng At present,stadium-lights a total of polycrystalline ceramic packaging technology in the industry attention, gradually warming up, at the same time, with a flip-LED lighting market gradually by the attention, more and more LED manufacturers began to invest in R \u0026 D and production in this area,led-stadium-light in an effort from the technology and costs, accelerate the development of flip chip technology in lighting applications. backpfrontp this eutectic ceramic packaging technology, because in a lot of technical difficulties, complex process,high-power-led-flood-light so there were only a handful of master eutectic technology companies, in which, Jiangxi Jing Rui Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as crystal Optoelectronics ) is one of the \u0026 lsquo; leader \u0026 rsquo ;. backpfrontp to Jing Rui photoelectric latest \u0026 lsquo; automotive lighting special lamp beads GD2 \u0026 rsquo; for example, this product uses a low thermal resistance of 1.60 \u0026 times; 1.60mm small ceramic substrate package,1000W-led-flood-light combined with molding way nip lens package, is the smallest lighting-class LED package. backpfrontp GD2 product uses the grain to independent research and development of a new generation of 32mil vertical structure of the silicon chip,RGB-led-flood-light chip of N-type metal electrode by a conventional line (grid) into Via through-hole design, N-type metal connected directly with the chip substrate. Jing Rui photoelectric Marketing Xie Chunhong told Engineering LED. backpfrontp According Xie introduction, technological innovation is a new generation product GD2 vertical silicon chip using Via through-hole design,led-bay-light the through-hole so that N-type metal embedded LED chip, quantum well light emitting region (MQW) will not be external to the chip N emitting electrodes barrier, thereby eliminating the traditional vertical structure of the current congestion chip, light efficiency can be significantly backpfrontp Thanks phosphor film technology, this section GD2 light bead chip color area has a very high hit rate, and to spot good consistency. In addition, the package will form into a flat plastic precision optical lens, light bead brightness based on the original 20% increase. Xie Chunhong mentioned. backpfrontp All in all, compared with the market mainstream technology products,led-bay-light GD2 products due to the vertical structure of a new generation of silicon chip, and a ceramic eutectic technology stack, both the current spread evenly, heat, resistance to high current superior performance, at up to 700mA 180lm,led-tunnel-light industry-leading spot consistency. Xie Chunhong last mentioned. backpfrontp this, Jing Rui photoelectric launched a new \u0026 lsquo;! Automotive Lighting Lamp beads GD2 \u0026 rsquo ;, will also participate in the 2015 Golden Globe race Engineering LED, can win the title, but please wait backp circle of colleagues

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