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Han Kuang Optical Smart LED bulb contested Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Awards

- Sep 23, 2016 -

Han Kuang Optical Smart LED bulb contested Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Awards

[Engineering] frontp LED zhuangao Recently,stadium-lights the Golden Globes 2015 Engineering registration activity is in full swing, Hubei Han Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Han Kuang photovoltaic) will carry the LED Smart Bulb LED ball race BLR50 Bulb type Year Award. backpfrontp Han Kuang photoelectric ARROW Wrigley main brand,led-stadium-light the company has a variety of original LED light source type 400, commercial lighting, household type and energy-saving lamps and other products, with an annual output of 80 million units (light) Lighting production scale.high-power-led-flood-light backpfrontp photoelectric Han Kuang, Executive General Manager Mu Binjun reports, the election of intelligent LED bulb, is a concept to popularize intelligent lighting for the purpose of functional products, it has the same standards as ordinary light bulb E27 screw base and to support the global standard 100-240V voltage, directly replace incandescent lamps.1000W-LED-flood-light backpbackpfrontp this product 6W of BLR50 color temperature 6000K, the entire lighting efficiency 140lm / w, color rendering index of 80. Mubin Jun said that under normal lighting state of the product can achieve the same brightness of incandescent 50W, and the power consumption is only one-tenth of incandescent,RGB-led-flood-light standby power consumption of less than 0.3W. backpfrontp In addition, the hardware part relying on smart bulb with low power, low cost, small size, high integration, scalability, and high transmission rate of Bluetooth 4.0 (Ti-CC2540) module structures, divided into four modules group , namely: AC-DC constant-voltage module, DC-DC constant current module,led-arena-light LED color control module and Bluetooth 4.0 module. backpfrontp this product via Bluetooth 4.0 and han APP supporting applications,gym-lights without adding any external device you can freely control the lighting state one or more lamps lighting smartphone. 16 million colors freely adjust the screen display to achieve color and light color is fully maintained. backpfrontp Mu also said, APP software is based in part on ios and Android platform combines hardware 4.0 Bluetooth communication control module structures,airport-light taking full account of user scenarios for everyday lighting applications and a good man-machine interaction on the basis of, dimming color, with light sound move, calls to remind, timer switch, custom one-button profile and many other functions, enabling a single or multi-lamp link 12 within. backpfrontp It is understood that the product since it was launched in May last year, will get the majority of consumers, then its ability to win the 2015 Golden Globe Engineering LED LED Bulb Product of the Year award category it, wait and see it! 

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